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The APS TARC Listserv is an email forum for APS staff and affiliated professionals. The purpose of the listserv is to provide a forum for communication on how to improve the effectiveness of APS programs. The APS TARC will use the listserv to communicate news and developments in the field to subscribers. Subscribers will use it to ask question and seek input from other subscribers on ways to improve their APS services.


All subscribers of the listserv will receive messages that individual subscribers send. Messages are moderated, meaning a moderator will review each message before it is sent to ensure that it meets listserv guidelines. 


The following individuals are eligible to subscribe to the listserv: 

•  Adult protective services professionals, such as, but not limited to: Caseworkers/Investigators, Nurses, Supervisors,  Administrators, Legal staff, Trainers, Support staff
•  Researchers/Educators
•  Law enforcement officers
•  Legal professionals (attorneys, judges, etc.)
•  Health professionals (doctors, nurses, etc.)
•  Financial services professionals (financial advisors, banking staff, etc.)
•  Aging and disability services professionals (area agency on aging staff, protection & advocacy, prevention programs    staff, etc.)
•  Mental health practitioners (psychiatrists, mental health counselors, etc.)


All messages sent to the APS TARC listserv are moderated. APS TARC staff will review each message to determine if it meets the following guidelines.

•  The APS TARC listserv is government-funded. Lobbying for or against any legislation is prohibited.
•  Members may not advertise career opportunities or paid products.
•  Personally identifiable information about clients/victims is strictly prohibited.
•  Members are encouraged to be clear and concise in their messages.
•  Abuse, derogatory or profane language is prohibited.


To subscribe to the listserv, contact us, and include your name, title, organization, city and state. Please include a sentence on your interest in adult protective services and your professional affiliation.

Moderators will review each request to subscribe. Once subscribed, you’ll receive a message with details regarding your subscription.

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