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The APS TARC provides information and research for adult protective services (APS) professionals across the United States. Below are links to research and resources related to APS. 


The COVID-19 pandemic presents unique challenges for APS professionals. This page details information about the effects of the pandemic on APS programs and additional information that may be helpful to APS professionals.

Data-(1).pngData Requests

The APS TARC is able to provide data from the National Adult Maltreatment Reporting System (NAMRS). NAMRS collects state APS data to provide consistent, accurate national data on the maltreatment of older adults and adults with disabilities.

opioid.pngOpioids and APS

This study aimed to understand the nature, extent, and challenges confronted by APS staff in providing services to clients affected by opioids. Read more about the report on this page.

evaluation.pngEvaluation of APS

The APS TARC is conducting the first-ever national evaluation of adult protective services programs. This evaluation will provide the foundation for ongoing and future technical assistance efforts. More information on these efforts is available on this page. 

implementation-(1).pngGuidelines Implementation

This pilot project involved a survey to assess the extent in which states have tried to integrate the Voluntary Consensus Guidelines for State APS Systems into state policies and practice, their overall experience integrating them. The page includes information from a variety of states.

PRAM-(1).pngPredicting Maltreatment

This project to explores the use of predictive analytics as one component of a broader strategies to predict and prevent adult and elder maltreatment. Read more details about the project on this page.


There are many resources for APS professionals on the web. Visit our resources page for more information.

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